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Black Friday 2014 - Possible CP usable stuff.

Figured it might be nice to get a list together of things we could use at discounted rates. If for any reason this is not allowed due to forum rules, please just delete.

I am in no way endorsing any products or companies, just listing sells.

http://www.rapidled.com/ 15% off everything 27 Nov - 1 Dec - Its not clearly listed but $200 and over is free shipping.

http://www.frys.com/ads/page106#AdNavi Computer fans, would still require a power source. 27 Nov - 4 Dec

Have not seen anything listed/posted about the Petco/Petsmart Exo-terra sales yet but for the last 2-3 years they have ran unadvertised sales on the larger ones.

Please add anything else that might be useful!
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Wow Thanks man. Looks Like im going to get a CP fan
Not CPs but a lot of us share this addiction...http://andysorchids.com/spevnt.asp 40% off 101 species.

Best value imo,

Schoenorchis fragrans for $9.60 if you can keep enough airflow/control your watering so you don't get crown rot around the base of the stem and leaves.
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