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The reason I am parting with this is I am expected a new bical very soon....a marudi so they are practically the same and I will need the space.

This is one of my first nepenthes which fit and grew inside a small *** fish tank at one time. lol.

Far as trades go I do not very have much I am looking for but here goes:

n. sumatrana
n. campanulata
n. kamptonia
n. hookeriana var harlequin
n. bical orange
n. bical red x orange
N. Viking #19 x (maxima x trusmadiensis)
n. ampullaria x talangensis
and maybe a nice regular viking.

p.s. the clay pellets are just a top dressing not the media before anyone ask. lol.

That's a nice Bical, I wish I had something to offer.
Excellent looking plant. I dont have much to trade right now but I could trade some typical ceph pullings for some cuttings.
its no longer available :( hopefully it will make someone very happy. :)