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better-gro orchid mix


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Does anyone here use this for their nepenthes? Any adverse/positive results? It's all I can find at the big box stores.
I can't speak for nepenthes, but it has really nice color and is pretty high quality with about 1/9 of every bag containing twigs and such, but really clean and fresh!
I looked up the ingredients, it sounds fine as a form of drainage material but I think it will dry out too quickly for Nepenthes if used all by itself. If you buy some Better Gro Orchid Moss (AKA long fibered sphagnum) shred it and mix it with the better grow by a roughly 50/50 ratio it should be pretty good for Nepenthes by retaining water in the shredded moss and should have good drainage due to the orchid mix.
The special orchid mix is the bag I could find. I should have been more clear but I do expect to use this mixed with lfs.
Thanks for the replies. I plan on letting it soak a few days before potting. Just making sure it didn't have any fertilizers or other additives.
For a more moisture retentive material, might check into mixes containing coconut husk chunks. Though the only places I think you will find such is at an orchid show, orchid nursery, or online.
I'll keep an eye out for it.
Jcal, this mix works very well with the combo you are speaking of. I add some more medium perlite to it but 3/4 of my plants live in this mix and no ill affects.