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Best mini CP for orchidarium

Hi all, I have recently set up a 40 gallon terrarium, mostly for growing mini orchids, but I would like to add a CP into the mix. Here are my specs:
77F(25C) daytime temp, 59F(15C) night. I am setting up a cooling system so the tank will not go above 77 even in summer, and will always have at least a 10 degree nighttime drop. Temps will not vary much from summer to winter.
Fan for good air circulation
Humidity 75-90%
Lighting: This LED lamp rated at 1200 lumens paired with a Philips GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp.

I'm looking for any small CP, 4-8" mature size, that would thrive in these conditions and wouldn't be too difficult to get my hands on. Right now I'm thinking Heliamphora minor - are there any other suggestions?

Hmm, I imagine that a lot of the sect. Orchidioides / former Iperua Utricularia would do well in those conditions and for the most part fit in the size limits, but I'll wait for the experts on those. :p
Some plants that come to mind -

D. prolifera

N. glabrata/N. argentii

H. minor

U. orchioides sp.

Maybe even a Cephalotus, I grow mine with my Nepenthes in similar conditions as you.

Right now I am growing a N. singalana x hamata that is certainly not a large plant. It seems to me that it will fit in my terrarium indefinitely!