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Beist there a fungus among us?


carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
So these white filiaments appeared on my U. dichotoma's flower stalk last week (and yes I'm just now getting around to posting about it). There are actually two patches of said filaments. Both completely encircle the segment of stalk occupied. The larger mass -- shown here as seen through a magnifying glass -- occupies a segment roughly 1.5cm long while the smaller mass that of roughly 0.5cm. The stalk has continued to flower. Is this, as I suspect, likely some sort of fungus? Is so, should I treat it and how?

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Looks like a powdery mildew, I had similar on a cephalotus recently and it spread so I treated it with a fungicide
Wow thats such a weird looking 'whatever it is'...hmmm.. It looks like little white hairs
Indeed a fungus, probably a mildew. Try wiping it off carefully with a wet paper towel.

Normally I would suggest adding isopropyl alcohol to the mix to make sure you kill it,
however I have no clue how CPS react to alcohol, so I would skip that.