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behold cpbobby's death (mini)bog

It is coming along nicely and was built entirely off the generosity of collectors. I have a few free spots for some sarrs and would like to get some more ground dwelling temperate sundews; (namely rotundafolia) to fortify the ground defenses and this thing will be right.

When the time comes I plan on making it a recirculating bog...which at the moment is just a loop but the groundwork has been laid. :)

Nice setup, can't wait to see it grow up.
thx for the dews....1 of them is flowering...can't wait will they start dropping seeds and really fill that badboy up. :) .
Wish I could have a bog, yours is really nice! :)
hey thanx....it is still a work in progress...but overall I am very happy with it so far.
Looks awesome! I've always wanted to have a huge bog pot. Are you thinking about covering the surfaces with moss?
Looks very promising. Keep us up to date!
perhaps once the plants get a little larger to provide a more dense cover for the sunlight so the moss can grow. ill wait 1 or 2 seasons to get more drosera in there and hopefully some dionaea at some point :).
I see potential! :grin:
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lol yep I want it to be thick, lush and deadly to any insect who is brave enough to go after that sweet nectar. I need to try to get a bunch of dionaea and temperate drosera to guard from ground attacks and the bog will be complete. Other than making it a recirculating bog; only other goal is to get about 6 more grown sarrs in there to swap them around some like when all of these make mature pitchers I need to decide what I like/stays and what I do not like/goes to a new minibog.

Overall I think I am closer to the end than the beginning. Last thing is to List what is in there and give credit to my benefactors. :)
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I think some nice D. intermedia would look good in there.
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oh yeah...I definitely need to work on adding some low growing temperate dews like rotundafolia and intermedia and a few dionaea as well. Once I get a good primary layer; I will just let everything flower and let nature take care of the rest as far as filling up the bog. pollination however might be a problem in the future...all the bees will be killed before they can do their job....lol
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I have a pretty thick forest of filiformis and intermedia, they seem to get polinated ok despite the hazard.
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I think drosera are self-pollinating.