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I was at my sister's deer ranch over the weekend for a family gathering, snapped this shot of her favorite "runt"


Just too cute....
Mmmm looks tasty! heh

Are the deer on her ranch raised for commercial meat sale or for hunting?

I, too, wonder what a deer ranch is and what purpose it serves.
It is a for profit endeavor. The big bucks are sold to private and corp lodges mainly. The doe"s are breeding stock primarily. Some are sold off. The big bucks are like thoroughbred horses. The have pedigrees, stud fees etc.
Such a cutie!!
so the males are just raised for their heads?
Noooooo, at this level most of these will be bought for ummmm herd enhancement (stud)

hence the pedigrees, yada yada yada
ohh. so shes in the pimping business.