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B. guehoi vs B. filifolia


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1. Both are large and super gluey. At my miniature balcony, I turn around to water other plants only to be smeared with their digestive juices all over the arms. The watering can also gets coated with slime if it is used to water any other CPs near these fellows. :jester:

2. Both look VERY alike at the first glance and when they are younger. Until I got armed with the MAGNUM OPUS recently, I was staring hard at the tentacles and the different sizes in dew drops. Now, it's much easier to tell them apart. :boogie:

B. filifolia

B. guehoi

The two plants are growing in the same pot. Guess which is which. :poke:

*drool* I think I'll stick with B. liniflora. They have been so much easier to work with! :)
For the fun of it, I've used the B. filifolia pollen on another B. guehoi (not in the photos) and the pedicels have lowered with significant pulvini. Will update if there are hybrid seeds.
The 5-year-old INSISTS she is taller at 110 cm than the B. guehoi.

Back then when she was only two years and looked like a boy... :-))...next to a B. 'Goliath'

And 20 days on the 'Goliath' became...

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Those are adorable pictures!