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Awesome "How To" tattoo book! Nep AK, others

Specifically I'm aiming this at Nep AK but anyone with an interest in the methods of modern day tattooing art should enjoy this book I picked up today:


The book is just like the preview shows, for it's 150 pages or so. All full color, step by step photography and description of 10 different artists techniques start to finish. All tutorials show use of the modern tattoo machinery. This is what I've always wished the tattoo mags would be like but never were. Despite the reviews on Amazon, NO Tat mag I've seen covers all this sequentially start to finish. The dozen or so mags at the newsstand are just pics of finished Tats or flash art and to me, the finished product is the most boring part of all. The creation and act of "doing" is the fun part to me which is why I love art technique books. Not sure what the bad reviews are all about, seems they're taking offense to the title or that their fave artists aren't in here. I don't care about title-hype or which artists are or are not showcased, I only wanna see the down and dirty work in progress / techniques used to achieve the finished work. If you're genuinely interested in the "How To" aspects of machine tattooing because you've never done it before you'll probably like this a lot. If you're already a working tattoo artist, surely there's nothing new or "secret" here other than "trade secrets" already known by people who are already doing it. I think only a tutorial DVD could be a better introduction to the work than this book. If you just want a book of designs, look at every other book & magazine on the shelf, this is the only one I've ever seen which shows actual techniques.