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AW plants came today here is my highland and ultra highlander set up!

Nice arrivals! :D What is your daily humidity in your grow chamber? As a precaution, I highly suggest bagging the AW plants and allow them to slowly adapt to your environment.
Good luck, because plants from andreas are littles and weak. He dont really care about the customers.
Personally, I have never had issues with Wistuba that he hadn't been fully willing to remedy; and most of those issues were out out of his hands -- mainly the lowland gorillas, flinging their dung, at the USDA. True, in recent years, the plants strike me as being somewhat smaller; but he's about the only act in town, at least in terms of Heliamphora.

Just see that they get high humidity and reasonable lighting for a few weeks and they'll be fine . . .
Keep the plants humid and they'll be fine. The only special advice I can give is to cut off any unusual black spots on the leaves, or else you will inevitably lose the plant. Granted, even if this happens you'll be issued a replacement or refund.
That is a patently false statement.

This is your way of thinking.

My personnal experience, and the experience of many ppl i know, is that andreas is on the ego side, he dont care about the customers, and he never reply to messages/emails. The plants from him are VERY little and VERY weak. Thats a fact.

A friend of mine still miss a plant in his order, and no new from wistuba since many weeks now.

So you are right man, he really care about the plants he send, and the follow up is exellent.(...)

I think he need a little more competition from others company.

If you had a good experience with him, im very happy for you :)
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I have never had an issue with his plants other than size. I have never lost one. He does, in fact, have competition. Albeit not of any great threat to his business. If BE could produce more or get them to the states easier, then I feel he'd be in trouble. When ordering from him, you must realize that you are getting freshly propagated plants. Yes, I am sure he "hardens" them off, but no, he is not growing them for you. That's your job. What it ultimately boils down to is, he has what we want....period. Back to the topic..... nice acquisitions. Congrats!
Thanks guys for the Info!!
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in your video, im seeing an ampullaria 'lime twist' next to heliamphora. note that in the long term, that keeping both side by side will be extremely difficult if not impossible (ampullaria is a lowlander plant, and heliamphora are highland plants). then again, i've seen a hamata and bical grow together in the same space...
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yeah I've had to put my amps in an outdoor mini greenhouse due to taking over with big leaves this lime twist is growing a lot slower in there highland set up then my other two did ill keep my eye on it thanks!