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Attack of the nOiDS!

Just redid the bog for the spring and I have two groups of misc sarracenia divisions looking for good homes. None are two big... All are hybrids of some sort... Just asking for $6 shipping. I would like to give these to folks that are new to to cp trade. There are about 4 per group.

Group 1
Hummers hammerhead and misc nOiDS

Group 2
Dixie lace and misc nOiDS

Pm me if interested.... And if you get them... Then you have to be nice to someone this week.
Out of all of my Sarrs, those are two that I do not have. LOL
most of my sarrs are noids now lost a bunch of labels and some faded so bad I cant read them this year in trying a paint pen ,I also started scraping a number on my pots and have a list on my computer to tell me what the numbers are
don't have room for any more sarrs at this time but thanks for the giveaway
Mickey, did you not see that is for those that are new to CP's. You are not, um, new. :-O
I'd be interested if there are any left available? Thanks! PM on the way.
The are all called for.....
Super cool...neat to see folks sharing their success with others. Thanks.

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Number two pencil Mickey. Works the vest for plant labels or a label maker. Those I've done that way are still readable too. Like in school......#2
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I have tried pencils , now I engrave a number on the pot and pant the number with a paint pen
also I was not asking for plants was only thanking never for the giveaway even though I did not qualify for it