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Today might as well have been Christmas for me! Just about everything showed up all at once!


First, my original VFT (death cube style)

My new one, so much bigger and healthier!

Good sized traps

Next, my new Sarracenias, left to right (S. Judith Hindle, S. Rubra, and S. Leucophylla)

S. "Judith Hindle"

S. Rubra

D. Spatulata


AND...Pinguicula Moctezumae

The rest of my VFT's (bulk bunch) should be here next week! I also received some S. Purpurea seeds and several batches of Drosera seeds.

D. Venusta
D. Natalensis
D. Capensis (typical)
D. Spatulata "Frasier Island"

Today was a fantastic day!
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Congratulations. Those are some excellent species. And so the adventure begins...
Nice plants! Hope there are many more to come and looking forward to pic updates. It is a slippery slide into addiction now, looks like you are hooked.
Your packaging is 'gold'! Nice plants!
and you're off and running. Nice start.. You may want to get those sarrs and ping into a peat based mix though.
Everything is in peat moss/perlite mix with the Sphagnum on top, you can see it on the side of the Ping. picture if you look closely. :) I put a little sphagnum on the bottom of the net pots to keep it in there, but the rest is peat/perlite with a topping of sphagnum.
Apparently this isn't your first rodeo then.. or you're really smart. OR BOTH!
Happy growing..
Thanks! I did a lot of reading after getting my first death cube one, then before I ordered any more, read more. Also was my good fortune that I picked up about 50# of sphagnum peat moss for $10 at Lowes, haha - I have so much of that stuff.
I'd still get rid of the LFS in the ping pot though. Come Thanksgiving you'll want to stop watering it and let it dry out completely for it's winter dormancy (until Valentine's Day). LFS retains so much moisture that it'll either cause rot or death for your ping.
I always use sand as a top layer for pings and cephs.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I put the LFS on last after I planted it so it should be easy to remove also, I just kind of tucked it in around the plant. Mostly because I hate that the water splashes the media all over my plants, haha. Being in that net pot, it does tend to dry out really fast (I noticed this today, even the LFS dried out).

I can switch it out for sand. I've been waiting to get some from Lowes or Ace (I know, not play sand, silica, hopefully I can find it). They were getting kind of low on stuff when I was there 2 weeks ago, I got the last bag of perlite :0o:
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I got my S. Leucophylla "Tarnok" and S. X "Love Bug" today! Also with a bunch of baby VFT's, a few D. Spatulata, and a couple of stow aways!

First, my new baby VFT's

and these, the large one was a stow-away on the D. Spatulata's I got


D. Spatulata with a small VFT stow away

More Spatulatas

S. X "Love Bug"


S. Leucophylla "Tarnok"

The whole collection