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Are this real moss and what's growing inside?

Sooo bought this, started using them, but don't know if they are legit. Can anyone tell me why they look so different from the picture? and did i get the same thing? There's also something growing in it. thanks everyone!

Here's the advertised pic

Here's what i got

Close up (with something growing, could be from my garden i don't know)

Here's how it looks in a pot

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Yes, that appears to be Sphagnum moss. It looks different because the photo is only of the tops of each strand, while yours have the strands laying out lengthwise. The "heads" may not be as compact because of light, water, humidity and temperatures levels and differences in seasonal growth. Given the right conditions and undisturbed growth it should look similar. Of course they could just be different species.

The hitch-hiker could be anything. I see all sorts of stuff sprouting in Sphagnum from ferns, grasses, sorrel, and assorted weeds.
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Thank you Mr.Not a #

I thought I got ripped off lol. I should prob post a picture here first before I buy some next time.