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Today I was putting together a package for a member here and decided to do a second one for a giveaway. Here's your water garden in one bag.

Here's what you will get: 1. sprig Japanese Aldrovanda
2. two Cyperus plants, one a rooted plant the other a cutting - easy to root.
3. one cutting water mint
4. one cutting lemon bacopa
5. couple sprigs Elodea
6. four or five small portions of aquatic utric(s) not id'ed, but fast growers with yellow flowers...
7. couple floaters (forget the name, but more interesting than duckweed)
8. tiny water snail
9. anything else I put in the bag and forgot about...

Open till 9am tomorrow, I want to mail out tomorrow, so act now if interested. Name, numbers, etc. The usual drill. Postage on you, via PP or pm to discuss other options.

Congrats aero. I've received soem aquatics from pearldiver in the past, easy to grow and a pleasure to observe!