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Aquatic micro fauna

Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
I've been increasingly interested in aquatic micro fauna lately, especially as the pondarium began to flourish with micro life last summer. Dang, I need a microscope!

In the terrarium I started a giant clam shrimp culture in a deli cup. I have the little babies swimming around, plus a couple critters that clearly aren't giant clam shrimp. Here is one that I'd like identified, if possible. At first I thought that it was a Daphnia, but now I am not so sure. It has very long antennae, and doesn't quite look like pictures of Daphnia online.

The only way I could get pictures (and by the way, it took me almost an hour to catch this one) right now is to use the Canon and then take an iPicture of the image on the screen. Not a very good method, but it works. Following are two different shots plus a sketch based off what I saw. It can glide around, so I suspect it has legs like most clam shrimp. It also uses those long antennae to jump about. Once I am able, I have a good video to post. It'll be a while.



Two different shots. Refer to the gray box in the right hand corner. It shows how zoomed in the view if the image is. These critters are only a couple millimeters long.


Notice the single eye. Cyclops? BRB, gonna go Google.

I had SeaMonkey tank when I was a kid.. always found them fascinating.
Darn, I solved my own puzzle. That's no fun! It IS a Cyclops, a copepod related to Daphnia. I'm still not sure what species it is. Here is a blog that has a near perfect match for my buggeroos: http://blogs.thatpetplace.com/thatf...ertebrates-daphnia-copepods-and-seed-shrimps/ Notice that he mentions C. fuscus. When I Gooe that species, the pictures don't match.

ETA: Mass, I have starters for both fairy shrimp and Triops. The first batch of Triops didn't fare well; as soon as I figure out why I'll try again. Probably too hot. The fairy shrimp (freshwater equivalents of sea monkeys, AKA brine shrimp BTW) will be next after the clam shrimp mature and start breeding. These critters ARE cool!
Is thread has me leaning toward another (seemingly addictive) hobby.
Could you post a few pictures of the clam shrimp? They sound fascinating!

Uh... Sure. :) It'll be tricky, but not like it was to catch the stupid little Cyclops. Clam shrimp can't jump. Give me a little bit to get one, if the lighting is still good enough.