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aquarium plants for the planted tank! (no winner)

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hello all, for this auction I have a series of aquarium plants. the higher the bidding, the more plants are unlocked for you to win. some of these plants are common in the aquarium trade, while some are a bit harder to get, and finally, there's a holy grail to pursue. so without delay, i will share what's up for bidding.

Please read carefully.

First up for bidding will be a few stems of Hydrocotyle sp. Japan and Rotala macrandra 'Japan Red' (labeled A)

If the bidding reaches $10, mini pelia, known as Riccardia chamedryfolia will be added to the auction. (labeled B)

If the bidding reaches $15, 2 plantlets of java fern 'trident' will be added to the auction. (labeled C)

If the bidding reaches $20, 1 stem of either Alternanthera reineckii ' mini' (max of 6- labeled E) or 1 stem of Hygrophilla pinnatifida (max of 3- labeled D) will be added to the auction. for every $4 increment added to the auction, an additional stem will be added (winner's choice) until all stems are accounted for.

If the bidding reaches $60, a division of a rare and highly coveted species, Bucephalandra sp "Dark Achilles" will be added to the auction (labeled F)


Auction starts $1, Winner pays shipping of $6 via paypal, must be in US in order to play. Thanks!
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Will they live in a turtle tank?
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this should be in the discussion section of this subthread, but, unless if you have the equipment necessary to run a planted tank, alongside your turtles, the answer is no.
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