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Anyone uses OXO containers as terrariums?

I've left this N. Sibusibuyanensis in here for over a months now and it seems to enjoy it. I don't push that thing at the top to close the gap. It stays nice and moist all day. Receives about 3 hours of direction morning sunlight. Our house stays especially cool even if it reaches 90 or 100 outside. I think it's the installation, tiles, and wooden floor. I don't know if this still works if room temperature exceeds a certain number.

When I first got it


and now


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They seem like they might a great nursery for small plants.
Ya, I think i'm going to get some rectangular ones for small nepenthes.
Also might be good for quarantining new plants before adding them into your collection. That way any unpleasant surprises stay contained.
ya know, I just love how I learn something all the time when I post. I never thought about it like that. thanks