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Anyone familiar with something called a 'Japanese Cobra Lily'?


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I was at our WNY CP group last night and one of the members gave me seeds of this: Arisaema sikokianum.
I live in Wisconsin, and we have a species of the same genus that grows around here. We call them Jack-in-the-Pulpit. The species you got grows a little further east of here, but I've seen them at a greenhouse. A few years ago i tried growing some from the forest near my house in a big planter, but they never did thrive. They were a fickle little plant as i recall.
Maybe I should offer them up for the trading post?
I swear I saw a bush of it growing out in the forest in Ann Arbor when I was living there, so maybe it would do OK for you.
We have wild Jack-in-the-Pulpit in the forest around here too, but it is a common pale green variety.
I would sure love to see some of these "smokey" ones.
I love Arisaema, but I'm bad at keeping anything that needs a dormancy. They are related to the titan arum and other Aroids which grow from bulbs like the voodoo lilies. If you are able to keep an Amorphophallus for multiple years through dormancies without rotting the bulb then you should be able to the keep members of the genus Arisaema easily enough.

And in case anyone cares, this is the book to get for Arisaema:


it's a newer edition than mine, but not any cheaper! LOL

there is some cultivation info in the Amazon preview if you flip through it.
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Would anybody be interested in the seeds?
It might be fun to take another crack at them. Problem is that winter is closing in on me here, and I don't know if i'd have any luck with them. The Amazon preview only confused me more... complicated little plants....
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lemme know.