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Any hope for my N. x Miranda?

So I've been trying to grow my N. x Miranda outdoors with only limited success. Back in January, the plant was exposed to temps in the upper 30s fahrenheit and cold rain during one night while I was out of town and it very quickly lost a bunch of leaves. I've been trying to rehabilitate it by keeping indoors near a sunny window but it hasn't shown new growth yet. I figure if I can keep it in a stable, sunny area indoors, it should eventually grow again. Is this plant slowly dying or is there a chance it could recover?

Looks like the plant will recover, sometimes it takes a while though.
My Miranda once looked worse from sunburn. It's just fine now.
It should recover unless the plant is dealing with some sort of fungal attack. My mirandas were booming on my grow rack and I left it shut up and a little too humid for too long and it declined rapidly. I believe it had some rot it was fighting based on how the leaves were dying and patchy. It is now rebounding well after I applied a systemic fungicide. The spotting on the leaves didn't look that different than your photos also. I grew my plants outside all year last year in an Iowa drought/heat wave in dappled sunlight and the leaves will blush a purpley the more light they were exposed to. Hopefully it perks up for you!
Well, that's encouraging to hear. This is probably my favorite Nepenthes in my collection but it also hasn't done to well. The only time it pitchered consistently was during the Spring and very early Summer after I first got it. Then it endured a really bad summer drought, light burn, and a fairly cloudy and cool winter.

I doubt it has a fungal infection since the humidity here isn't that high on a consistent basis and its media mix is nice and airy. I'll just keep it next to my terrarium. Hopefully it will appreciate medium light and room temps.