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ants nesting in miranda pot?

Hey guys my miranda has never really grown very well for me in just now when i moved the pot i discovered that ants are using the pot as a nest?

Could this be the cause of my mirandas retarded growth? What should i do about this i really have no clue on how to deal with this invasion of the ant
I've been told that ants nesting in the pots are fine. Not sure about where you live, but the ants around here aren't leaf-cutter ants and I'm pretty sure they don't eat roots. They have been nesting in my biggest nep pot, the one of my N. insignis x merrilliana and its growing just fine. They're actually becoming a great food source for the neps. The ventrata has to have at least 100-200 ants in each pitcher on it. Maybe 50-100 in the vent x tally pitchers, ect... I think it may actually be good since its providing a food source.

Good luck with yours!
I also had ants in my N. Miranda pot for a while but they seemed to disappear after a period heavy rains that drenched the soil. Like Pineapple said, they don't seem to have a negative effect on the plant and can actually be a nice source of food for the pitchers.

Where are you keeping your N. Miranda and how long have you had it? It might be trying to acclimate to new conditions.
Greenhouse and no conditions are fine i have a few other mirandas and they all grow fine. Conditions are not the problem. These ants are small black ants and they may possibly be eating the roots but i dont know