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Also Looking For Gemmae, but...


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... with far less going for me than Jeremiah... Would anybody be interested in S. purpurea hybrid or B. liniflora or D. indica or D. hartmeyerorum seeds... or any combination thereof, for gemmae?
is your growlist up-to-date? I'll send you what I have that isn't on there.

I'm looking to replace my Drosera paleacea ssp. paleacea which got wiped out from wind in rain on my restart pot. I think I sent these to you in the past. I have the Cranbrook form but looking for the ones I had before.
I've got Drosera roseana, on the off-chance that you still need, they should be ready in a week or two... If you are, is there any chance that you could spare some gemmae from any of yours when the time comes? The only others I've got are scorp and palacea... And if not, no worries, I can still spare the gemmae... :D
I just updated the grow list. I do have D. roseanna gemmae. Much thanks for your help!
Ok, I can definitely help you out. I should have gemmae for everything on my growlist except D. dichrosepela. They got hit by aphids the first year I had them and have been struggling for 3 years without producing gemmae but it looks like maybe this year.

I'll give you some fresh Ping pullings too, even though they aren't in the succulent phase yet.
let me go check my plants at home might have others to add.
Thanks you very much, Warren & Mach!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Turkey Day!
Thanks Jimmy & Zuzana!