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Aji Pepper seeds

I have some more Aji amarillo pepper seeds that I just harvested if anyone is interested shoot me a pm or respond here. If you are unfamiliar with these seeds the plants are pretty easy to grow and quite prolific in pepper production. These particular ones turn a nice orange-yellow when ready to harvest and have a nice medium hotness to them. These peppers are used often in Peruvian and Bolivian cooking though they can be used in a variety of dishes that call for hot peppers.

I will accept trades for just about anything, though I would really like some D.capensis seeds (I managed to kill mine when I moved last). Again anything will be considered common CP's are particularly desired. I have a ton of seeds and will gladly send some out for SASE if thats all people have to offer.

how long will they be good for i wont be able to plant them until end of april
they should be fine. The original seeds I planted these from were harvested last fall and I planted them in march. otherwise they make good container plants if you want to start them inside, though I don't suggest transplanting them as I lost most of my original planting this way.