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Adopting an Adult Female Bearded Dragon

My husband and I are adopting an adult, female bearded dragon this Sunday from someone who needs to re-home her and we are thrilled! She comes with her total environment, which I think is great, bc it will hopefully make her transition easier.

If anyone has any advice that we might not have found in our research, and self education, we'd love to hear it.

I would post a pic, but I'm not sure how to without an offsite hosting acct (or if that's even possible).
I (used) to work at a reptile zoo, and they always had tons of these things up for adoption.

Make sure it gets lots of fruits and veg. IIRC UV light is very important, can someone confirm this?

That's all I remember. Good luck with the new pet!
Thank you! :)
UVA and UVB lights are necessary along with a basking spot of 100 - 110 degrees. The staple diet should consist of vegetables and leafy greens (kale, chicory and, dandelion) along with crickets or other insects at least once a week. Fruits can be given as a treat a few times per week. All food should be dusted with high quality vitamin and calcium supplements. Repcal multivitamin and the phosphorus free calcium work great. Beardies also go through a dormancy of about 2 months December through January which it may or may not want, something to keep in mind if it decides to stop feeding and becomes lethargic next winter.
Also, depending just how big the "total environment" you are being given is, you may find it best for the beardie's sake to up-size its habitat.
Thanks, friends.

Johnny - you're the best!