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Aborting Flower Stalks

The last two stalks on my G. hispidula have both grown nicely for a week or two, and then did something like this:


It seems to happen whenever the stalk touches a surface, however slightly. Any ideas as to why this would be?
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I have one clone that is doing this frequently. dunno why. I have suspected that it is humidity related. in the day my humidity can drop a great deal. have them under a humidity dome to test.
Hmm, that's odd, it was already under a humidity dome since I worried about the same thing. A humidity issue does make sense though, since it happened after the lights were on for a few hours. I'll try putting it in a terrarium with a humidifier when I get back home.
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My U. longifolia did something similar. The top three inches withered and dried out. In two days. After the stalk took months to form. It is a first, going through two or three bloom cycles (years) I do suspect that one time I might have watered with cooler water than it was used to, but not sure.