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A quick test

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Lichens (previously A quick test)

On one of my recent perambulations I came across these two little beauties.

Anyone care to ID?



Clue :- They are the same genus
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1. Cladonia chlorophaea ?

2. Cladonia uncialis ?
Good try Johnny and very quick.
I'm tending more to Cladonia pyxidata ( pixie cups) ( although the complex with C. monomorpha and C pocillum is a little confusing. Then add to that C. chlorophaea and it's head scratching time) and Cladonia rangiferina (reindeer moss)
I'm far from an expert in Lichens. At least it looks like I got the genus right ! Pretty much 100% sure #2 isn't C.uncialis, just somewhat similar. C.uncialis seems to form tiny little cups at the apex of the "branches" where this one doesn't.
As Johnny did so well, here's a few more to play with.




1. Fulgensia
2. Xanthoria parientina
3. Psyscia aipolia
4. Parmelina pastillifera

This, Johnny and I believe is Peltigera scabrosella, growing as a terrestrial, Lasswade Scotland.

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