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A question... could be followed by something....

hey guys.
i had a question about sales. the reason i post this here is because i have something related to the title of this forum section i want to sell (relation to Greenhouses, Terrariums and Bog gardens). now what i wanted to do was let people know i had this 'thing', not directly sell it on this forum. is this allowed? sorry i might have missed a thread covering this topic but i just cant find one. thanks.... some one please inform me.

P.S if i can not do what i said, can someone direct me to another option where i could tell someone about what i have to sell? im not a business by the way, and i literally only have one item to sell. thanks.
im pretty sure all sales are off limits on this forum. gardening supplies included. that being said, nobody tracks and follows pm's.
Yeah, I think you can't advertise anything (except like a blog with nothing for sale) cos I tried having a link to my online heavy metal record collectors shop and it got removed from my signature, even though it has totally nothing to do with plants. I didn't contest it being removed, I just took the hint and accepted that I can't do that.