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A potential cultivar: Sarracenia 'Frilled Dragon"

I've been growing sarracenia for the last 25+ years and have done some occasional hybridizing to see what develops. Like many who have spent years doing this, I quickly came to realize that a plant truly worthy of cultivar status doesn't come along that often. I look at many that are registered each year and can't understand the appeal. Not always...but often enough.

I've been following the development of this particular hybrid in the greenhouse for 4 years now, waiting to see if it lives up to my standards of what a cultivar should be. As always, it is the first pitcher plant to grow for me each year. This hybrid has fully developed pitchers weeks ahead of everything else in the greenhouse. The flowers are huge and stunning, producing lots of pollen each year. The colors never cease to amaze me...I'm not even sure the pictures do it justice. In bright light, the plant is actually a deep reddish/orange. This is the one plant that everyone who visits seems to gravitate to.

Tell me what you think...cultivar status worthy or not. This is a cross of Sarracenia purpurea venosa and Sarracenia flava atropurpurea.


The link seems broken. But I'm very excited to see it!
Image isn't working.
I wanna see, I wanna see!
I agree with Hokie, I wanna see AND be first on the list for one. :hail:

Nice looking plant. I hope you have divisions and have distributed some to other growers to see how stable the coloration and growth is in a variety of conditions. You need more than one of the plant when you register them. I've seen other S. catesbaei that look similar.
Thanks for getting the image to show!

I'm afraid the coloration on this doesn't show up well in the pic. I need to work on that. I have a number of catesbaei in the collection that show similar characteristics, but nothing of the coloration on this particular plant. Besides the color, the amazing thing about this particular plant is how quickly it grows in the spring. It was literally in flower and had 3 fully formed pitchers on it when the other plants were just beginning to show signs of life.
I like it!
Beautiful plant and an awesome name for a cultivar.
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Very awesome!!! I'd love that in my collection.
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That is one good-looking plant with a great idea for a name! I'd love to have one, and I'm not even a Sarracenia fan!
...and I'm not even a Sarracenia fan!
Apologies to my Sarracenia tarnok.
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sweet looking plant,would love one too
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Thats a beautiful hybrid.
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Cultivar-worthy indeed! I've never seen such dominant veins combined with those spectacular colors!