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A few in flower this week

Serapias lingua


Calanthe X T&M clone 2


Listera ovata or are you just seeing little green men?


Platanthera chlorantha

Looking great Fred ! I lost my Serapias vomeracea this year. Hopefully I can find some more since they've gone rogue in California.
My Serapias lingua were doing very well in 2009. I bought more of a slightly different shade and that winter every Serapia had an infection. I know they're not an expensive orchid but I've nurtured them since until now I have two in flower this year but four pots full to flower next year. Hopefully the survivors are immune to the original infection.
Very nice! The little green men look quite happy -- like they want to give a bee a hug. heh

Lovely color on the Serapias. :)