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A couple dew flowers.. Oblanceolata and spatulata lovellae?


Sarracenia freak
These are the first flowers i've been able to get good photos of from these plants..

This "oblanceolata" was purchased from CZ plants.. Looking at photos online of flowers, some are white with smooth rounded petals, others are pinkish with the slightly jagged edged petals, and some are a mix somewhere in between.. Was wondering if anyone thought this was actually an oblanceolata x spatulata or if pure oblanceolata have flowers like this? Its also not QUITE as pink looking in person.. photo made it slightly more pink.

And this is from my spatulata "lovellae". Grown from seed that came from overseas somewhere. I cant find a single photo online of a flower from this plant, was wondering if anyone happened to know if this flower went along with it being lovellae.. Its the darkest pink ive ever seen out of a drosera flower.. Like, dark magenta.
That second one sure is a lovellae flower! ...Actually, in Latin, ae can also be pronounced as long i, so it could be lovely or love lie. Either way, still a nice plant!
From what I've heard, spat lovellae may well be the same as Fraser Island, butt both forms are from that island (lovellae may get substantially larger, I've heard). Bth forms hav white flowers, though. Pics of the leaves would help too, as spat Fraser and lovellae both have tapering leaves unlike the spoonlike leaves of other spats.
If you look up the original diagnoses and type illustrations:

Drosera oblanceolata flower petals have entire (smooth) or truncate margins/tips. Provide photos (axial view) of leaves, calyx, stipules, pistil and anthers.

Drosera spatulata var. lovellae - type description states white petals, styles slightly club shaped and stigmatic at end - similar to D. pygmaea. The scapes should also have a longitudinal central groove with 3 flowers. (Note: many if not most of the photos on the CP Photofinder of D. pygmaea are misidentified).

I told you way back when you were ordering these that CZ Plants is not a reliable source.
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