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A Cephalotus Yu-ghi-oh card!


I was looking online at ceph pictures and I found THIS!! If you look closely, it's even got the ala things and the hooks on the peristome!
Ah yes, thats been around quite sometime! Nice to see CP`s getting some recognition.
Yup, they are on ebay daily when you search for cephs!
Lol, cool. I have a bunch of those card things somewhere that I got from who knows where. I tried selling them on Ebay, but nobody wanted them.
of course noone wanted them
---yu-gi-oh lost its popularity a few years ago once the second season ended
thank goodness....
it all got old too fast...
People just trying to steal the fame from Pokemon :\
id rather have no recognition at all than be put on a yu-gi-oh card XD
Whaaaaat, yugioh is nothing like pokemon, with pokemon people just wanted the cards for their novelty factor, yugioh is all about the game. :nono:
And yeah, yugioh lost its popularity..but its still good on the DS!
Lol andrew i wasnt saying yugioh and pokemon were alike, but they were trying to steal the fame FROM pokemon as far as younger viewing audiences go, and the trading card game IMO
I thought the name (of the show/game)sounded familiar, as if I had heard it somewhere, but I had not heard of it for a long time. Wasn't it a fad or something?

Way back many years ago when I was much younger and pokemon was big, I collected the cards. I saved them and last year or so looked it up hoping that the cards had so value (so I could sell them, I needed some easy money :p) but no dice... dang.