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A big hello from Manchester to everybody.

(I'm New here them I don't know if I'm in the right place or if I'm allowed to do it, fell free to correct me if it is the case) Hi to all members of this forum, my name is Valdir I'm from Brazil but living in Manchester Uk for about 5 years, i had my first CPs when i was very young an unfortunately it died. Any way i still very fan of this kind of plant and to increase this feeling my boy 7 years old start to have the same feeling, as soon he saw his first CPs he became addict about. I'm tempted to buy one or two or seeds to start something enjoyable and interesting to him and for me of course but a don't have the knowledge to do that, even we are studying and reading books about, the other problem is that we don't have places where we can see this plants and decide which one to start, them (if I can) I found this forum and people that like and keep CPs and We have the idea to ask if possible to have some seeds or examples and guides to help us to start our CPs "garden". We will be very pleased if someone help us out. And of course I would like to offer myself to whoever want to start a good friendship and exchange of experience. Many Thanks Valdir.
Valdir - welcome to TF. Check out this section as it lists open days. You may be able to locate some coming up that are close to you - or possibly PM growers who may be nearby.

Have you had an opportunity to attend many futbol games? There are certainly many great teams in your area.