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8" Pink Slugs!!!

Thats so weird! and cool! :spazz:
I though so too, and that snail sounds pretty brutal as well.
they look like dog members :lol: yuck!
Interesting slime ball.

I'm sort of surprised that the molluscivore snail appears to have a flat spiral shell. Guess because the ones here have the more horn shaped spiral shells.

... and that snail sounds pretty brutal as well.

It really isn't all that unusual, SS. We have molluscivore snails here in North America -- though many are more omnivorous including plant material in their diet if there is a shortage of prey snails about. Its not uncommon for such predators to feed by boring a hole through the side of the prey snail's shell and devouring it.
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I didn't think their radula would be able to reach far enough into the shell to eat the soft flesh.
The radula and the shell are the only hard parts of a snail. Everything else is very flexible. I can imagine a snail squeezing into such a hole, much like an octopus squeezing into an apparently impossible hole.
I guess that would be relative to the size of the whole. I just wouldn't think that there would be enough time to create such a whole without some kind of "slow motion fight" or attempt to dislodge the attacker.