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5 tarantulas free to a good home


Tastes like chicken!
I currently have 3 Brachyopelma vagans, a Nhandu colloratovillosus, and a Nhandu chromatus I would like taken off my hands, I have taken my critter collection in a new direction and want to make sure these guys get to someone who wants them. All are about 2.5-3in in legspan, are unsexed, and in great health. I would preffer they all go to the same person, for ease of shipping, but will make exceptions if need be. All I ask is a $10 money order to cover shipping charges. US offers only, Thanks. :)
I don't have the time and my parents would never let me, but this is a really cool offer Exo!
I have a setup sitting at home I could put one of the T's in, it literally has everything in it from when I got rid of all my T's so it has substrate, water bowl, hiding spot.. etc. Could you send just one?
I will take them all. I miss my t's