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2013 BACPS show this Weekend

Hi guys,

Is anyone else attending the BACPS show this weekend? I'll be there, make sure to say hi.

I should have some photos to post later this week.

Boo Ya!!!:-D
I usually wouldn't miss it for anything. Unfortunately, I must this year. I WILL be at the book release potluck in July.
I'm going, can't wait! :D
see you there Jeremiah! you too iwest!
I really wish I could come this year, but Im stuck in SF because of delays and will be leAving a few hours short of the meet. Oh well, there's always next year!!
This year had great sales. Walked away with 6 neps I was super happy with. Will probably post pictures of the loot (more likely a video) later. Everyone should post the things they got. I was intending to take a video of the sale with my phone but I forgot to. Hopefully others got some good pictures! :D
Any N. ramispinas there?
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@katie: Damon had some paradoxa out. you might wanna grab one at the potluck.
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Will do, if there are any left by then.
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My loot... (Watch in 720p if your computer can handle it)

This is my fave, (vent x sib) x carunculata var robusta...