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So I got a few new Sundews recently, and have taken one picture a week. Hope to continue doing so, but kinda excited, so I figured I'd share. From top to bottom: Arrival day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks:

Drosera 'Ivan's Paddle'

I cut off the flower stalks on this guy, as I don't want seed. He's got two growth points right now. I am actually very very worried about him, as the older leaves are turning purple and the newer ones are... not coming very fast or big.

Drosera felix

About the size of a dime or nickel. It's interesting seeing just how much red he gains. I am not used to growing a smaller 'dew so the photos are almost the only way I can tell how well he's doing! (I hope it's the good kind of red and not the "oh god, not enough heat/light/water" kind of color change.)

Edit Early 2013: This guy has died. His roots are layed on top of this pot with some LFS on top, in hopes he comes back from the root, but I am not hopeful.

Drosera admirabilis 'Floating'

The growth style on this one took a bit of getting used to -- the leaves stay curled up at the very edges for a few days after they have otherwise extended. One of the leaves is "stuck" in a curl and is causing the other ones to have troubles extending, I'm planning on snipping it off in a day or two.

Temps in the grow rack have averaged about 80 during the day, dipping to 70 at night. My new ballast does not put out near as much heat as the old, which hit 95-100 right next to the light. Drosera dichotoma is happy as a clam, as is my Drosera capensis in the same pot, but the Drosera capensis in the same media and tray as these new plants seems to either be dying back or going into hibernation. Maybe it's just too small to handle not going into hibernation in 70 degree nights, not sure. It's my first time using white sand (which I've washed and confirmed via TDS is not leeching minerals). We'll see. I have plenty of pure peat to move them to if need be.

You can see all the photos I've taken this month here:

or here:

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those are definitely something worth posting about! excited for you! wish you the best of luck growing them.
those are definitely something worth posting about! excited for you! wish you the best of luck growing them.

Thanks! I might need the luck, I'm really quite worried about their health. I'm hoping some of the odd colors, on Ivan's Paddle especially, are just transplant shock. It almost looks like a hibernation bud in the middle there, heh.

(I welcome any expert eyes' advice, of course. :) )
if i remember correctly, Ivan's paddle does not need a dormancy?
baby them. use sphag as cover if necessary to increase micro humidity as well as placing a clear cup over them.
So here's 3 new pictures of the same guys (which I added to the OP for side-by-side comparisons):

I'm kinda thinking about keeping this up once a week for say, 6 or 12 months, and then making a slideshow.

I am kinda beginning to panic with the Ivan's Paddle -- it doesn't seem to be taking off at all, at least not from the top growth point. Although it does seem to have struck a new plant due to one of the leaves landing in the soil there, so... Maybe it's nothing worth worrying about?

The others are growing quite slowly, to the point that when I look every day I don't notice anything, but when I compare weekly photos, definitely see some growth. The felix doesn't seem to be dewing up, which is worrying, but it is getting that gorgeous red color, which to me suggests it's at least doing halfway decent.

I did notice tonight when I went to take these photos that my dichotomas are browning on the edges of their leaves:

And the cape sundew in the same media and tray as the new guys isn't happy:

But I have some cape plantlets in pure peat and the same water and they're loving it (and the Cape Sundews in my Dichotoma pot are going nuts):

Alongside what I call "Whoops, guess I get to give away Dichotomas later this year":

Er, I guess my question is -- my house may be dipping lower in heat at night than I expected, could these things (slow growth, cape sundews appearing to go into hibernation, browning on the tips of my dichotoma leaves, etc) be due to low heat, or should I look elsewhere? There are a few other things it could be (I got a new ballast for my lights, they're old bulbs, my RO filter is putting out TDS 110 water, it's a new peat/white-sand mix I've never tried, etc), so I'm worrying about just about everything involved right now.

The clear cups (Jello Pudding Cups that came with clear lids) are kept within 1 inch of the lights, so if it's a light problem that would explain why those plantlets are doing decently..