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I come to offer two unrooted nep cuttings from my large N. Alata x Eclipse. Pitchers are green with red speckles and splotches. Uppers are green. The cuttings are producing uppers at the moment. The plants were freshly cut a few minutes ago, they're now sitting in some water but I need to trade them off today or tomorrow at the latest. These would probably do great for you first time nepenthes growers because that's what I was when I got it. One year later, the plant was 2-3 feet long and I've made cuttings. ;) This was my first time with cuttings so I might have been a bit rough or clumsy when cutting them. Pics of the cuttings...

That's a quarter. The lower cutting has an upper and is producing one as well.


The cutting on top has some strange redness on the bottom of its leaves so I dunno what do about that if I should even do anything about it.


I understand that the pitchers aren't all that flashy but it's still a nice plant, and a great plant for any beginner. It grew on my windowsill for a year where there's like 20% humidity and no night temp drop.

In exchange, I would like a sarracenia or Daringtonia. They don't have to be too rare or large, just looking for something nice....and the sarr(s) have to come potted or with the soil in the box, sorry if I sounded a bit obnoxious just then. The cobras don't need to come potted. ;) Only those, please. No Dews, neps...etc.

Shoot me an offer. ;)