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1st sign of D. Capensis sprouting (thanks to Homedawg76)

I was lucky enough receive and plant the D. Capensis seeds Homedawg76 so kindly sent to me on 4/26 and today I see the 1st signs of growth...many thanks!


(I know they grow like weeds but I can't help but feel just a touch bit happy and excited :banana2: )
Congrats. You have every right to be excited.
Awesome! I got some from him too (double shout outs). Can this be the Homedawg76 thread? I'll post mine if/when they germinate :bigthumpup:
Absolutely....post em all up as they germinate and grow, sounds cool to me.
Ooh, 10 day germination. Good job, hope they do well for you :)
Anyone have a recommendation on how soon to open up the tub and begin to try hardening them off? Weeks? Months? Thanks!
10 day germination??
10 day germination??

Yup, appears to be...have a TON of then growing in the other 5 cups now. Through a magnify glass it looks loaded, like a 100 plants worth (which would be hard to imagine since the packet was for about 90+ish seeds) I'll try to get some more pics but without a macro lense and just a cheap phone camera it's tough to get clear, detailed shots.
Ten days is very fast! Congrats!
I have some d.capensis 'white flower' seeds here, hope i will have the same rate as you! You use 100% dead sphagnum moss ?
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Yeah, I was/am still kind of surprised about it actually. I did you 100% dead Sphagnum moss, soaked it for an hour or two and lightly wrung it out. Place in a tub with syran wrap over the top and placed up close under a 4 bulb T8 with 6500k bulbs for 12-14hrs a day.

Anyone have any thoughts on how long to leave them under syran before I let em breath and start to harden?
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Hey, Homedawg, did the SASE arrive yet? If it didn't, it's probably just snail mail living up to its namesake. We HAVE been having some not-so-nice weather around lately.
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Excuse my subpar camera. But if you look closely you can see three green specks. There are more but they are scattered, figured this would be the best to see.
Planted on 5/1/13
Thanks again Homedawg76!
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Update/Bump? Heh.
As of yesterday (7/14/13):
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You know...my first time with capensis seeds, I did some on peat/sand and some on lfs. The lfs ones germinated quickly, but they all died quickly, too, while the peat/sand ones kept going. Anyone else ever have that experience?
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Hey cool seedlings ! :)

Finaly, i have 5 germinations on 10 seeds, mostly white flower sp. Im happy with that !
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OOh, They're like my grandbabies.
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any updates on the babies anyone?