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  1. fdfederation

    Dragons and reptiles

    I made this for a friend because she complained about a "creepy looking" Toothless dragon toy.
  2. SgtSarracenia

    VFT Mutation

    I have to say I feel like an idiot, but I just noticed these anomalies this morning. Both myself and PvtPing were in awe that we had not noticed these mutations. I received this a 'Paradisa' and for the last year has shown as such. Now it has multiple trap structures, typical 'Paradisa' traps...
  3. Thagirion

    Toothless hamata

    I have had my first hamata for 3 months now. It has made about one new pitcher a month but never keeps more than two. I'm hoping one day it will make a rosette like I see in the pics. There are two probs I'm not sure what to do about. I don't think they are major problems but just annoying...
  4. SirKristoff

    Update on my Axolotls (Pic Heavy)

    Ive had these guys (or girls) for a while now and thought it was about time I posted an update on them... They have been doing great, at least I feel like they have, any small injuries they had when I received them have completely or almost completely healed, Falcor my leucisitic axolotl had...
  5. Doomsday

    Dionaea Trading Thread

    Hey guys, Note: all of my dionaea are indormancy so i amnot sure if they all made it since some were small, but I will update this as needed. they should have all made it through well. IF YOU WANT TO GET A REGIA TYPICAL OR BIG EASY FROM ME A GOOD WAY IS TO GET ME A BUNCH OF THESE DIONAEA...
  6. K

    Nepenthes suggestions

    My father-in-law bought for my wife, two years ago, a Nepenthes for Mother's Day. To the best of my knowledge, from leaf and pitcher comparisons, it appears to be N. ventrata, or possibly another cross of either or both parents. It was not id'd when he purchased it (at a farmer's market in...
  7. chibae

    N. diatas, My Mighty Tiny Giant

    This past summer I purchased a tiny, struggeling N. Diatas. The seller was very honest with me about it's condition. In the six months or so that we've been together it has shown me that it definitly likes my conditions, but, I haven't figured everything out yet. The ruler upright in the pot...
  8. N

    Couple Of Exotic VFT if you have something different from the standard!

    HI all Well I would like to know if anyone has any exotic VFT types going... I am going to start collecting... so if you have seeds or a plant please let me know I won't be trading them all at once... so please PM me as and when you have and I can tick it of the list... Such as the 1979...
  9. NeciFiX

    'Cudo' Like Dionaea Deformation

    Edit: People please post! 24 views? Holy crap! And ZERO comments?! At least tell me it's not special, don't just leave! Urrg :(. When I first started growing CPs I ordered some Dionaea from an eBay seller, now, I didn't know much about CP's, only the basics. When I got them, I noticed one...