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  1. twotut

    Need to find

    Hi Again, Once again I need alittle help. Anyone know where I can buy a Drocera Slackii? I've tried Cooks and even here in Exotic Gardens but I haven't seen particular drocera listed, and I can't try Calif. Carniv. because of their minimum order re- quirements. Anybody have any ideas? Would...
  2. S

    Nepenthes or drosera?

    Hey Guys, I have an extra terrarium. I am debating on whether to put the following drosera in the terrarium and puting the Nepenthes outside the terrarium. Adelea Capillaris Slackii Spathulata Binata Burmunii "red tentacles OR To put the following Nepenthes in the terrarium and the Drosera...
  3. nepenthes gracilis


    Hey all, I got a free Slackii from a great friend of mine and it grows but new leaves appear without much dew and tentacles. Soooooo I am trying this: Since most of my Drosera are in the greenhouse with copious amounts of dew and growth flying out of them I decided I would throw the Slackii in...
  4. Pyro

    D. slackii

    So one of these guys fell into my hands and I am looking for consensus on how I am growing it. The grower I got it from indicated that it is a bit tempermental. I have it in pure live/LF sphag in a 4" pot. Temps flux from 65-80, 12 hr photocycle. Sound reasonable?
  5. S


    i have a slackii in my terrarium in the garage. i was wondering what would be the lowest temp for my slackii to live. im here in atlanta and it gets down into the 20s thanks mike
  6. S

    No dew

    hay guys, i received a drosera slackii about 2 weeks ago. i is producing new leaves all the time but there is no dew on the plant at all. the plant is in a terrarium about 79 F and is about 14 inches away from 4 20watt lights.can someone help? thanks mike
  7. A

    hope you like more

    so here is D. jacoby and D. slackii enjoy those photos my friends arie (Edited by arie at 11 pm on May 25, 2002)
  8. C


    wuts up with this plant? it seems no one has it! i regret not buying one from peter damato at the bacps meeting last year lol. Now that plant is on my most wanted list! i was able to track down D.hamiltonii and the others i wanted but slackii and cunefolia is so hard to get! Does anyone noe...