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  1. Dexenthes

    SASE Sundew seed giveaway

    I just collected a couple hundred seeds from my sundew that finished flowering. After some deliberation with more experienced growers on the forums it would appear that this Drosera is in fact D. natalensis. Guess correctly what species of lizard I kept as my first pet and then send me a...
  2. F

    SASE: Rooted Nepenthes cutting

    Long, well rooted cutting (~2 ft) of a seedgrown N. mirabilis (sex unknown). It has made pitchers 6-8 inches tall with deep beautiful purple pitchers under appropriate lighting. Just post below if interested, paypal preferred to pay for shipping. Keep in mind this likely won't fit in a small...
  3. zlookup

    D. Intermidia for SASE

    Not as exciting as Butch's heli giveaway, but if you are looking for one of my favorite sundews, then here's your chance for some D. Intermedia (temperate) seeds. Picture is of the mother plant. First 4 gets them. 5th one will be at my discretion. Additional slots may open up. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...
  4. Lin

    Want/Trade List

    Hey everybody, Below are some Drosera seeds I want (each pack of seeds must have at least 20 in their): D. burmannii "Red" Humpty-Doo D. falconeri (Falcon Sundew) D. prolifera D. ordensis D. lanata D. glanduligera If you are not willing to giveaway, then I will trade one pack (30-50) of a...
  5. J

    Can anyone spare a few Ibivella/Proboscidea Seads?

    Can anyone spare a few Ibivella/Proboscidea Seads (Devil's Claw)? I see several old threads of people with an abundance of these seads and I am willing to give it a shot. I would send you a SASE for the privilage and opportunity. PM me for privacy if you wish. Thank you and happy growing. Jeff
  6. P

    seeds up for grabs

    Hi, No cp's here Captain, but... I have some seeds up for grabs for whoever might want them. Pride of Barbados, or Mexican bird of paradise, 40 seeds. 2010. hollyhocks, they started out as red, and over the years turned to a frost almost white color. 145 seeds. year unknown pink...
  7. eou812

    Venus Flytrap pollen WANTED could trade for a SASE

    Anyone have any Venus Flytrap pollen to spare or trade? I am looking for a 50/50 trade. I switch my pollen and you switch your pollen. I would like another kind of pollen than typical. But if that is what you only have (typical Venus flytrap pollen) then i will take it. I would like half of the...
  8. Metranisome

    Nepenthes alata pollen trade.

    Hello, I have some fresh Nepenthes alata pollen collected on Friday, May 20th from the California State University Los Angeles greenhouse. The plant was donated from Cal State Fullerton some time ago, and is marked as alata 'red' with the year 1977. I am interested in trading pollen for some...

    Ventricosa Pollen 4 Trade ~ SASE ~ 50/50

    This bad boy has like 9 flowers if anyone would like some pollen from it Older pic of the same plant Would love to trade for some pollen to cross pollenate this girl with Mo pics {Need to update}~ http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/577501944fAsfCr She has two flowers so up for...
  10. mass

    Free Pollen

    I have some N. spectabils x ventricosa pollen sitting in the fridge. Free to SASE.. Please no seeds in return. It's all you!

    Pollen For Trade ~ 50/50 / SASE Or ??? + Pollen Wanted

    Ok this post might be a little premature, as they are just starting, But I have 2 male Ventricosa that are starting to flower / Have about 8 to 10+ male flowers starting between the 2 Once I get some new batteries for my camera I'll post some pics I don't know the "Stock / Breeder" but they are...
  12. Rball

    Drosera Burmanii Seed

    I just harvested a lot of drosera burmanii seed. They are very fast growers i grew this particular plant from seed and am now harvesting seeds less than 6 months after sowing. Looking for trades, then if none, i will start a list for SASE. Ryan
  13. Exo

    LL Nep seeds for SASE

    Hey Peeps, I have a bunch of extra lowland nepenthes seed that I have no room for, and I can divide each type into 5 portions....so put your name in the slot for the kind of seed you want...feel free to apply for all 3 kinds if you like....first come first served, the SASE ends when all slots...
  14. zlookup

    Nepenthes Seeds for SASE/Trade

    Hi everyone. I have extras of the following seeds: - N. Viking x (Ampullaria x Thorelii) - N. Gracilis I will create 2 packets of seeds for each consisting of roughly 20 or more seeds each. If you are interested, please go ahead and just add your name to the list (add numbers if needed). I...
  15. Exo

    Free Nepenthes seed SASE givaway.

    I have enough leftover N x Trichocarpa x viking "big wings x squat" for two lucky winners......if you are interested simply put down your name and I will choose the winners on monday....winners will most likely be chosen at random. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.