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  1. curtisconners

    The grow list of curtisconners

    Dionea: 3 typicals 1 dente 1 Coquillage Nepenthes: N. x ventrata N. ventricosa N. Maxima x ventricosa Sarracenia S. Purpura S. Leucyphylla "tarnok" S. ([Purpurea x rubra] x self) x judith kindle Drosera: Capensis "giant" Filiformis x tracyi Mystery weed dew Want list: Dionea: Any cultivar I...
  2. curtisconners

    Sarracenia purpura fall colors

    Good afternoon, terraforums. I obtained an S. Purpura last summer and in fall it turned bright red/purple. It had some purple veining in the summer, but this was solid red. Anyone else seen this in S. Purpura? Are there any other sarrs that exhibit this "fall color"? Thanks.
  3. NewspaperFort

    s. purpura smurf??

  4. chibae

    U. longifolia

    Okay folks, I've had a cancellation on one of the U. longifolia divsions, and have realized that i have still enough for another one. Sooo, that means I have 2 good size divsions of U. longifolia avaliable. I am looking to trade this time. I am looking for the following plants, though all...
  5. nepenthesmatt

    more pics of the LACPS meeting in fullerton

    here are some more pics of the LACPS meeting last saturday capensis forest Nepenthes briggsiana Huge! Nepenthes tobica a sarracenia flower a Sarracenia moorei hybrid S. leucophylla tarnok some outdoor stuff a U. subulata flower ping trays S. purpura a...
  6. DavyJones

    My Growlist

    Please inquire if you're interested in anything. I'm always open to a good trade. Nepenthes N. alba N. ampullaria Bronze Nabire N. ampullaria brunei x harlequin N. ampullaria (Mersing johor Malaysia, 11/28/07) N. x Black Knight N. burbidgeae ---> Pig Hill N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana N. diatas...
  7. A

    Anna's Grow List

    Hi All: I just joined this forum a few weeks ago, and thought I would share what Im growing (or trying to grow): Sarracenia: Tarnok; S. Flava coppertop, S. leucophylla flava; S. hummer hammerhead; S. wrigleyana; S. alata x minor; S. purpurea, sweet pitcher, S. catebesbai, 1 unkown which I...
  8. nepenthesmatt

    Matthew's Growlist Thousand Oaks CA. 'updated'

    MY GROW LIST Nepenthes Highland Nepenthes alata alata 'Luzon female' diates fusca (seed) izumae macfarlanii maxima 'female' maxima f. suburba rajah spectabilis clone 1 north sumatra truncata 'pashin highland' ventricosa Lowland albomarginata 'kuching spotted NE2AB' anamensis...
  9. elgecko

    Plants from the nj pine barrens

    A Prickly Pear. Water Lily. Now let's get to some of the CP's.... Let's start with the dews. D. intermedia was the most common followed by D. rotundifolia. On Sunday Bob, Joe, and I did some serious bush wacking into the Pine Barrens. We came across a few areas that were dry and many of...
  10. Juan-Carlos


    *Drosera* D. adalae D. binata (multifida) D. burmanni D. capensis (all white) D. capillaris D. filiformis D. filiformis (all red) D. filiformis var. tracyi D. rotundifolia D. sessifolia D. spatulata *Sarracenia* S. flava S. 'Judith Hindle' S. psittacina S. purpura ssp. purpurea S. unk. hybrid...
  11. S

    Sszvein's growlist

    DIONAEA D.Muscipula Dente BYBLIS B.Liniflora DROSERA D.Adelae D.Aliciae D.Capensis typical D.Binata D.Capensis 'Alba' D.Capensis 'Red' D.Spatulata D. x [Dielsiana x Nidiformis] D. x [Capillaris Pasco Giant x Rotundifolia 'EverGrow'] D.Hamiltonii D.Intermedia Brazil D.Anglica D.Cblanceolata...
  12. S

    Year of the 1st-time flowers

    Went through my collection yesterday and was amazed at how many first-time bloomers I will have this spring. Usually I get a few every year, but I was shocked at what I saw this year. Many of them were from plants I got last year, so it's an added bonus. Off the top of my head here's what I saw...
  13. D

    Sarracenia purpura

    Brunswick Beauty is hand written on a purple pitcher plant I just picked up, has anyone heard of this varrient before?  I can't find any information on it.
  14. T

    Almost dead, But rescued S. Purpura

    Here is a picture of a purp that my friend is letting me take care of over the summer. It was probably gonna die if i didnt. He had put fertilizer in every trap, and there are a bunch of holes in all the traps. Hopefully he will give it to me, less hassle for him, more fun for me!