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Almost dead, But rescued S. Purpura



Here is a picture of a purp that my friend is letting me take care of over the summer. It was probably gonna die if i didnt. He had put fertilizer in every trap, and there are a bunch of holes in all the traps. Hopefully he will give it to me, less hassle for him, more fun for me!
Good Luck saving it! You should cut off some of the useless parts of the picture so that it doesn't take up so much space. The plant itself only takes up like one-fifth of the picture!
but i put it in to show off my other well grown plants!
I also noticed that it is in a clay pot, that's a nono!
Yeah, all I see is wall for the first five minutes. I still haven't seen the plants, so I'll comment on those soon.
I found nathaniel's comment humerous, and so very true. NICE plants tho BTW, i'm impressed.
What's in the large pot toward the bottom of the picture? I'm glad it loaded faster the second time( the first time I got a little board and didn't wait around for it to finish loading). Nice plants by the way. I'm sure they will recover in good time.
ya, i like my wall, its a pretty wall! I could post more pictures of it if you want too! there is a lot more you havent seen. By the way, the large plant twoards the bottom is a trimmed cobra i got from tyuen thi, it now has a small pictcher coming
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This probably sounds like a stupid question but, what the heck does ''BTW'' mean?
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This probably sounds like a stupid question but, what the heck does ''BTW'' mean?  
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Oh, ok. Thanx!
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Forgive me for not knowing this..but why are clay pots a no no? I have some lying around (my CP's are in a terrarium though) so I was curious as to why they shouldn't be used. Thanks in advance!
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The fact clay pots may release toxins in the soil and kill the plant. If you are really sure they are safe you can use them but I would not.

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What does it mean when my purppurea pitchers go REALLY soft? As mine are... as in when you touch it, it feels like you put your finger through it! (But i don't of course) Was it the fact that it had no water? As i've watered it now... please recover!!!!
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yes, my purpurea went totally limp as soggy cereal when i hadnt watered it, i think it brings all the water to the rhizome as a last resort, but i watered it and in about an hour, it was back to normal
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Cool, mines back. Nice and 'hard' (lol) again. But the edges of the 'lid' thing are all wrinkley and curled up. Do you actually need these on or do they have a meaning? I know they stop insects from getting back up, but can you clip them off? That would make it look more like a nepenthes!
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When your pitchers are very soft and limp it means your soil temperature and water table have dropped to dangerous levels. I have had it happen 2 times and 1 time cost the life of my Purpurea f. Heterophylla
and it was my only one now I don't have one and I can't find a place that has a S. Purpurea subsp. Purpurea f Heterophylla
BUT the search continues.