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  1. P

    Pings for trade

    Avalable for trade: Pinguicula ehlerisae x oblongiloba 2 mature plants Pinguicula 'Sethos' 1 mature plant Pinguicula Yucca Do 1713 1 dime size plantlet Pinguicula Yucca Do 1717 1 nickel size plantlet Pinguicula 'John Rizzi' 2 quarter-half dollar plantlets Looking for: Pinguicula agnata...
  2. throckmoron

    P. oblongiloba help

    Hello, I need info from anyone who grows this guy. The issue I need help with distinguishes this plant from any other I have seen. When I let my Mexican Ping's dry out for their winter growth, this one turned into a tight little onion shaped bulb with a brown paper sheath. I wetted the plants...
  3. noah

    P. oblongiloba

    Forbes and I located this site in northern Michoacan, Mexico hoping to find P. oblongiloba and P. crenatiloba. While we were unable to find either flowers or rosettes of the annual P. crenatiloba, the perennial P. oblongiloba was in full bloom. [img]http://glasshousenursery.com/Pinguic....mg]...
  4. pingman

    Peter's grow list

    want list: looking for different petiolaris group including hybrids! still want pings: colimensis laueana hybrids medusina heterophylla filifolia other Mexican species Here's a partial list of some of my more interesting plants: Tropical (Australian) Drosera: brevicornus aff. brevicornus...
  5. G

    A few pictures

    This flower impressed me as soon as it opened, to the eye it seems alittle bit deeper in color then the picture. Pinguicula ehlersiae X oblongiloba Pinguicula agnata (Scented) X potosiensis
  6. jimscott

    D. oblogancea? p. oblongiloba?

    I received a cutting of this plant this summer and it was labeled D. oblogancea. To me, it looks like a butterwort. Someone suggested the possibility of P. oblongiloba. I'm not familiar with either of these plants. I realize that many butterworts look alike and unless there is a flower (which...
  7. G

    Some pictures

    The group shot. Pinguicula ehlersiae X oblongiloba Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' Utricularia livida Drosera capensis 'Albino'
  8. F

    flytraps2000's growlist

    Hello everyone, here is my grow list.  Little old with some additions missing but pretty accurate. Current 2/05 additions coming soon, couple losses to. Aldrovanda ald1 Japanese form ald2 Australian red form NSW near Mertens Creek above Big Mertens Falls near Mitchel Falls, Kimberley...
  9. P

    Paul's growlist

    Drosera adelae Drosera adelae giant form Drosera admirabilis ceres Drosera ascendens Drosera Borneo Drosera capensis 'Alba' Drosera capensis Red Drosera capensis typical Drosera capensis narrow leaf Drosera X henryana (aliciae x capensis) Drosera capillaris Drosra capillaris Pasco Co Fl X...
  10. F

    Forbes' list

    Steve (Bugweed) was shocked and dismayed when I told him that my growlist was not online, so here it is. If interested in a plant, please feel free to contact me, preferably via email. I may not have a spare, but can always add it to my list of plants to propagate. (edited 9 21 06; quite a...
  11. PlantAKiss

    P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba

    This offering consists of four leaf pulls with plantlets in various stages of growth. These are small but should grow into very pretty plants. This is a good opportunity to add a new ping to your collection. Opening bid is $2...US bidders only.
  12. T

    Many plants to trade

    I have for trade (-1, -2, -3 or so on means I have that many for trade): Drosera D. tokansis-5 D. capensis 'wide leaf- 7 D. slackii-1 D. capillaris 'Jacksonville, Fl'-2 D. madigascaris 'Botswana'-1 D. dielsiana-1 D. capensis 'Alba'-1 seedling D. filiformis ssp. tracyi 'Buck Pond'-1 Sarracenia...
  13. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah's growlist

    GrowList 2020 Jeremiah Harris Carnivorous Plant Growlist Colorado Springs CO Jeremiahsplants@comcast.net Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Brocchinia B. reducta Bybilis B. filifolia “Flowers mauve with pale lemon back”-Boulk area South Peninsular Kimberley W.A. B. liniflora Jeremiah's Cephalotus...
  14. adnedarn

    9 ping pics.

    P. 'Hameln' <span style='color:red'>[Edit: changed Mola to Hameln]</span> P.laueana x P. emarginata P.ehlersiae x P. oblongiloba P. 'Sethos' x P. “Fraser Beaut” P. zecheri P. jaumavansis P. agnata P. 'Gina' <span style='color:red'>[Edit: changed Tina to Gina]</span> P. 'Gina' flower...
  15. Joseph Clemens

    Pinguicula grow like weeds

    Here is what Pinguicula growing like weeds looks like. Story: 1) I had several clones (species, hybrids, and cultivars) of Pinguicula that I had already created several small plantlets of by leaf pullings. I used some of these small plants to pull off many smaller leaves for propagation. I...
  16. Joseph Clemens

    Identity crisis

    Originally received under the label: Pinguicula oblongiloba. This image is of 3 mature blooming size plants in a 2" square pot. The winter form leaves look like a tight, shirt-button size group of green fish scales.
  17. Pyro

    Need help recovering plants

    Hey everyone, Shortly before the holidays I had a rather unfortunate occurance. On the night that the temp dropped to 17 degrees F there was a power failure that shut off my space heater. When the power came back on the heater did not reset and so all the plants in my sunroom had the pleasure...
  18. P

    Huge trade offer

    Hi all, Hope your holidays are pleasant ones. I have been very busy re-organizing my greenhouses and have come up with some nice plants for trade. Unfortunately I do not have any photos so you will have to use your cp knowledge to help you out. I am looking for anything not on my grow list...
  19. C

    Tissue culture pics

    Pics of Drosera and Pinguicula species and hybrids in tissue culture. Some are not as clear as I would like them to be because of the flask and condensation. Pinguicula moctezumae: Drosera admirabilis multiplying: Drosera admirabilis almost ready to be transplanted: Drosera regia growing...
  20. adnedarn

    Random ping

    P. ehlersiae X oblongiloba P. jaumavensis P. laueana X emarginata P. 1714 Hope you enjoy Andrew