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  1. D

    Misc Drosera seed for sase

    I have the following Drosera seed packets for sase- limited to 2 different packets per person (USA only). All were harvested within the last several weeks. Drosera tokaiensis 1. 2. 3. Drosera dielsiana 1. 2. 3. 4. Drosera oblanceolata 1. 2. 3. Drosera intermedia "Mt. Roraima" 1. 2...
  2. Crissytal

    A Few Drosera

    D. dielsiana D. capillaris - Should be outside, I know. D. sp. "Jacoby" showing variation D. oblanceolata Sunset Peak, Hong Kong D. capensis "All Red" D. adelae
  3. maxposwillo

    A Lot of Pics

    Nepenthes spectabilis 'North Sumatra' Nepenthes sibuyanensis x talangensis Nepenthes x 'Exotic Lady' Nepenthes glabrata Nepenthes ventricosa 'Red' x talangensis Nepenthes x 'Marbled Dragon' Sarracenia leucophylla Sarracenia x 'Judith Hindle' Sarracenia flava var...
  4. Hans Breuer

    Looking for tropical drosera

    I'm looking to trade/steal/receive as a gift the sundews listed below. I have >90 Nepenthes to trade for them. affinis aliciae banksii binata v. multifida binata v. Marston Dragon" burkeana burmannii red capillaris - 'long arm form' capillaris - tropical form collinsiae falconeri hamiltonii...
  5. Goofzilla

    Drosera oblanceolata question

    Hello everyone, A friend of mine has bought me a couple plants for my birthday. She won't tell me exactly where they were bought, but that's besides the point. ??? Anywho, I was e-mailed the list of plant names, and I think I know how to care for them all - except for this one: Drosera...
  6. Crissytal

    Some More Stuff (Drosera and Ping Photos)

    Here are some of my Drosera and Pings. Nothing too special. Drosera D. sp. Jacoby - Anyone know if this is a form of D. spatulata? Jacoby Seedlings D. oblanceolata Sunset Peak, Hong Kong D. adelae D. graminifolia Petiolaris Complex hybrid seedlings D. indica D. x Lake badgerup...
  7. Crissytal

    Crissytal's Grow List, North Carolina

    Please feel free to correct me on spelling and any other kind of errors. I enjoy trading. My extras come and go so fast it's difficult for me to keep this list updated. If you see something that interests you, feel free to contact me. I can't guarantee the item(s) will be available for...
  8. G

    Some CP photos

    H. neblinae (I think- that's what I bought it as. If anyone thinks otherwise, please let me know) Adding a new light and extending the photoperiod has made my D ordensis grow better I pictured my D stolonifera in flower a few weeks ago. Its grown somewhat since then. I think this is D...
  9. C

    Looking for sarra seeds

    Well mostly sarra seeds. I also interested in anything that not my growlist (see yet another growlist). What I have to offer is below. Cheers. Drosera aliciae aliciae “Veined flowers” auriculata “Wimmera, Vic.” all red...
  10. Capslock

    D. oblanceolata

    This is why I like this drosera! Capslock
  11. Copper

    Extra plants to trade

    This is a list of my extra plants.  Trade offers will come first, but then as my habit,  will give out the rest for postage.  I have two people that I am sending boxes to before anyone else.  Their plants are not reflected here. D. Capensis 'Pygmy' - 6 D. oblanceolata - 1 (gone) D. Tokaiensis -...
  12. G

    My newest Dews

    Sorry some are a bit blurry. I didn't feel like setting up. Drosera felix (Gran Sabana, Venezuela) Drosera kaieteurensis Drosera grantsaui (Itacambira, Minas Gerais, Brazil) Drosera graminifolia Drosera ascendens (from Salesopolis 850m, Brazil) Drosera oblanceolata (Hong Kong)...
  13. Capslock

    Some new drosera pics

    OK, here are some pics of slightly rarer drosera I recently received that have started recover well. They are still new and far from mature plants: First, D. neocalidonica. The origianl rosette kinda went dormant on me, but this offshoot grew, and now the original one looks like it might perk...
  14. R

    D. oblanceolata

    I don't have a lot of experience growing dews, so bear with me if this happens to everyone. As you can see in picture, one plant grows normally while the other plant has all its tenticles tucked in. Anyone know what's causing this? Thanks, Peter
  15. T

    My growlist :p

    Nepenthes Lowland N. alata N. albomarginata N. ampullaria "Speckled" # N. ampullaria "Green" N. anamensis N. gracilis ''black'' N. hirsuta N. merrilliana N. mirabilis N. mirabilis (squat) N. northiana N. rafflesiana (creme) N. reinwardtiana N. truncata Highland N. sanguinea N...
  16. F

    Forbes' list

    Steve (Bugweed) was shocked and dismayed when I told him that my growlist was not online, so here it is. If interested in a plant, please feel free to contact me, preferably via email. I may not have a spare, but can always add it to my list of plants to propagate. (edited 9 21 06; quite a...
  17. S

    Sam_cph grow lists

    Pygmy Sundews D. citrina D. closterostigma D. dichrosepala D. echinoblasta D. enneaba {white flower} D. enodes D. ericksonae {pink flower} D. helodes D. lasiantha D. leucoblasta D. mannii D. nitidula ssp. allantostigma D. nitidula ssp. leucostigma D. nitidula ssp. omissa D. oreopodion D...
  18. PlantAKiss

    Wish lists

    Hello Folks I wanted to make a suggestion regarding the Grow Lists.  We know that people are always looking for certain plants to add to their collections.  I think it might be helpful if you edit your list and at the bottom, add a "Wish List".  This will be a way of letting the general public...
  19. PlantAKiss

    PAK's Growlist

    This is not complete.... I need to do an inventory so I will be adding to this as I check to see what I have.  I suffered quite a few plant losses over the winter due to stressful times.  But it will built back up. -------------------------------------------------------- PAK/Suzanne, Richmond...
  20. S

    Seans growlist-

    Here is my latest growlist- South African Drosera Drosera admirabilis Drosera admirabilis 'Ceres, RSA' Drosera admirabilis 'Palmiet River, RSA' Drosera admirabilis 'seed from holotype' Drosera affinis 'Namibia' Drosera aliciae Drosera burkeana Drosera capensis 'Mini Red' Drosera capensis...