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  1. Pyro

    D. erythrorhiza ssp. magna

    The plant And some cool close ups
  2. Pyro

    D. erythrorhiza ssp. magna

  3. Pyro

    D. erythrorhiza ssp. magna

  4. C

    Tuberous Drosera seed photos

    Hi, Here are some pics i recently took for a friend : <a href="http://www.utricularia.net/sonstiges/daniel_drosera_bulbosa_ssp_magna.jpg" target="_blank">Drosera bulbosa ssp magna </a> Drosera bulbosa ssp major Drosera erythrorhiza ssp collina Drosera erythrorhiza ssp magna Drosera...
  5. V

    Any tips on germinating these 3?

    Hey guys, does anyone have any growing/germination tips for these three dews? D. erythrorhiza D. spilos D. X thelocalyxiana I know that we have a tuberous, a pygmy, and apparently some sort of hybrid that I really have no clue about.    Anything pertinant that I should know? Ok, now at least...
  6. G

    Tuberous drosera hybrids

    Has anyone had success with creating Tuberous hybrids or cultivars? I have germinated some hybrids within the stolonifera complex though these are not strong. I have also crossed erythrorhiza ssp with good seed production but no germination. cultivars are naturally quite easy but as most...
  7. V

    Acclimatiizing tuberous drosera from australia

    I've just received a couple of rare and desirable tubers of two Drosera from Australia, D. zigzagia and D. erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa and now have the challenge of acclimatising them to life in the N. Hemisphere. I'm not new to growing tuberous species, but have only ever grown plants that were...
  8. P

    Drosera erythrorhiza

    Look at this: It is called Drosera erythrorhiza... Is it new? Rare? Hard? Easy? I had no idea this plant existed... Does [i]anyone[/img] have any idea about what this plant is like??? ANYBODY??? Isnt it cool though??? Wow...