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  1. S

    One very expensive burkei

    Hey, Anyone notice that orchid webs Nepentehs are rediculously priced? They have a so called Nepenthes burkei that looks like a plain ventricosa, a 4 inch plant, for 50 bucks! What kind of #### is that?
  2. C

    Nepenthes burkei

    Hi everyone, Considering the rather heated debate that has surrounded the identity of Nepenthes burkei in the past, I though people might be interested to see an image of this species which I recently photographed on a trip to Mindoro in the Philippines.  There has been a lot of confusion...
  3. goldtrap2690

    Night blooming cactus cuttings

    hey , my night blooming cactus grew too big so i had to make cuttings out of it and relocate it to a new location where it can grow freely . i have about 7 cuttings that i made and will grow when you plant them in soil . this is the cactus that has large beautiful blooms at night time and if...
  4. N

    N. burkei

    The attached image shows a plant which is, apparently, the true N. burkei, or so Charles Clarke has told me after conferring with Shigeo Kurata. The pitcher shown is still quite young, and its peristome has not yet assumed its customary ruddy hue. Note that it is morphologically quite...
  5. pthiel

    Xmas in August

    Oh Boy, I love getting new plants and I have a package due in any day now with the following new Nepenthes: N. alata (Highland) N. alata (Lowland) N. burbidgeae N. burkei N. copelandii N. deaniana N. ephippiata N. fallax N. jacquelineae N. maxima N. mindanaoensis N. northiana N. pilosa N...
  6. swords

    Age of sarracenia?

    Hi folks, I've boughten a bunch of sarracenia species today (S rubra, S flava, S purpurea ssp. purp, S purpurea ssp. venosa, and another S purp that may be the burkei var., S minor and S alata) and what I'm wondering is there any way I can tell how old these plants are? They're in 3" pots and...