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  1. O

    Seed questions

    hi there, I just picked up some seed from D. Burmanii, and D. auriculata. I was wondering if any body has had any experience growing these plants from seed. If so what tips do you have to share. what medium did you use? any help would be greatly appriciated, Chris
  2. S

    Just got some D. auriculata seeds..

    Hi everyone,   Just got me some D. auriculata seeds (thanks Owen&#33, and I have done some research on the internet, but it only tells me how to cultivate the plant, not sow the seeds (well, it might, but I grew quite impatient&#33.   1)  Anyway, anyone have some tips?  I know this species is...
  3. V

    Drosera auriculata seedlings...

    Hey, does anyone happen to have a pic or a link to a pic of a Drosera Auriculata Seedling? I'm trying to figure out if seeds are sprouting or if it's just something weird left over in the sphagnum.
  4. E

    D. auriculata

    Hi i am get some D. auriculata seed from cooks and i was wondering if i have to do anything special for soruting these or do i sow them like other Drosera LMK enoc22
  5. B


    Hello Guys ( and girls)! I have some seeds of Drosera whittakerii ssp. whittakerii, D. auriculata and D. peltata. When is the best time to sow them?
  6. S

    D. auriculata

    ok, so i bought some D. Auriculata and want some feedback on how to grow them by someone who has grown them in the past. Please don't post if you've never grown them and just know something, i already know alot and just want to make sure about my inforamtion. Also, i live in Arizona and think it...
  7. R

    Tuberous sundews

    Hi !! Can I use with success superthrive with tuberous sundews ? In particular I have these species: -D. peltata ssp. auriculata -D. stolonifera ssp. stolonifera ‘Hills form’ -D. menziesii ssp. menziesii -D. ramellosa ‘Esperance’ Can I use it in the same way as with Nepenthes ? Kind regards...
  8. R

    Tuberous sundews

    Hi !! I received from a friend my first tuberous sundews. These are: -D. peltata ssp. Auriculata -D. stolonifera ssp. Stolonifera ‘Hills form’ -D. menziesii ssp. Menziesii -D. ramellosa ‘esperance’ I like to make carnivorous associations of species that also in nature grow together. (For...
  9. T

    Tuberous Time Coming

    Yes, the nights are getting chilly here in upstate New York bring good germination of the South African wintergrowing species, and a good indication that now is the time to get the Australian tuberous species going again. I have returned my tuberous species to cultivation: watering the pots that...
  10. NickHubbell

    Type of Sand to use for soil mixes?

    What type of sand is best to use for carnivorous plants? I have read about silver sand, but I cannot find any in this area. Can catcus and be used if its washed before using? I was going to use perlite, but I didn't want to use it to start seeds. I am getting ready to plant some D. auriculata...
  11. NickHubbell

    D. auriculata seeds

    Can someone tell me what D. auriculata seeds look like and how to get them to germimate? The info I have is that they should be sewn in early August and they will sprout in the fall/early winter. Thanks, Nick
  12. M


    Erm right I just ordered a D. auriculata and it is being sent as a tuber. Now I have never had a sundew in tuber form before and I am little worried about planting this time of year and rotting off. Any tips, cause I live in the UK and there is a whole reverse seasons thing because the plant is...