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  1. charlie

    Cp Give Away Please See

    I have some cp's that I do not have the room/time/supplies for. I would like to give them away to good homes who can take care or them. >---Rules---< -Be prepared - Some of these plants (1) are not in the best condition. Also, all of them are going into dormancy -I would like to send these...
  2. rattler

    pretty sad when us backwoods hicks....

    ....have to take the lead :D Crow Nation, Energy Company Sign Agreement for Energy Project First New Coal Mine in MT in Three Decades (HELENA) – Governor Brian Schweitzer today joined tribal leaders of the Crow Nation as well as executives from Australian-American Energy Company (AAEC) in...
  3. losfreddy

    alien space probe circling the earth??

    we've all heard about the asteriod coming close earth in the next couple years on discovery.. classified as BG 1991 listen from 25.30 min into this video http://www.youtube.com/v/5W_3aneRPOg&autoplay=1 Man in the video is clifford stone threats of it impacting earth...
  4. BigCarnivourKid

    Bcks grow list

    My (un)growing grow list Updated Apr. 29, 2016 Pygmies D. scorpioides (Vic Brown '02, Zach Limm '02) Pinguicula P. ehlersiae (Michael Fitzpatrick '03) P. moranensis (Elgecko '06) P. moranensis 'G' (Tre Bond '05) P. 'Sethos' (aka P. ehlersiae × P. moranensis) (Joseph Clemens '06) P...