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    Tank pics!

    Well, its been a while. About 4 months later, and probably a million fish/plant/algae/etc. articles down the road, my tank is finaly established (or close enough). This wasn't to hard, mainly because I already had the lighting, and tank already down. Here are some specs: 20gal long Red flourite...
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    Many thanks, i have done a bunch of reading. still at sundewd@yahoo.com Later
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    I don't know how many of you remember me, i left the forums about a year ago, but I am thinking about putting my old terrerium to use by making an aquarium. I have very little knowledge about this, but it seemed like an interesting idea. I basically need to know where to begin. My tank is a 20...
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    Bonus drosera

    Funny, burmannii would have been my guess. I have some. They have the wierdest leaves, they get more broad at the ends than most species, thats what gave it away for me.
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    Fabulous bog trip.

    I like the first dew pic. Dont you just love it when they have the perfect mixture of red-yellow-green?
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    Broken ac

    Well, today the airconditioning broke, and it is really hot. The humidity in my terrerium went way down, but is still resonable. The only probelm is the temperature that I am worried about. The temperature in my house is about 95, so I can only imagine what it is inside my drosera terrerium...
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    Musical instrument

    Funny, I was just going to start a post just like this. Anyways, I have played piano for about 3-4 years and am fairly competent with it. But I want to start playing guitar.
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    Free seeds for s.a.s.e.

    Hey larry, got the seeds today, thank you a million!!!
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    Just wondering...

    Ok, I am just curious and have to ask:  Would you grow carnivorous plants if they were not carnivorous?   My honest whole hearted answer would probably be no   .  Even though I hardly ever feed my plants, and it is probably not the best reason for liking any plant the main reason that draws me...
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    Thoughts on this cross...

    If that cross is possible i sure would like to see the plant that results!
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    Are you a man, or a woman?

    Take a wild guess.
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    Free seeds for s.a.s.e.

    Hey larry, i'd like a D. aliciae. Thanks.
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    Here goes mine.
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    Does anybody know?
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    I want to kill them...all of them...lots...

    Is there any way to knock out the whole population?