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    update on ceph that looks white

    Pitchers don't last forever and turn brown when they're dead. Nothing to worry about - snip them off.
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    Question about Dormancy & Slugs

    I would have thought VFTs collect more energy through the growing season than is used up. The excess being used to bulk up the rhizome, which acts as a storage unit for new growth. VFTs go dormant in winter because it's cold, not because they can't sustain 365 maximum growth. This has been...
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    I think everyone needs to chill out. If money is owed, then that's not on, but I'm sure it's sortable and there's a good reason. Aggressive talk is not the best way to raise this problem, I think enough aggro has been returned now. Somebody please PM Murphy with Bug's number, otherwise send...
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    S. luecophylla acting crazy again

    A period of warmth followed by cold can trigger flowering, along with drought (probably not in this case!). Flowering can happen at odd times for no good reason too. Flowering doesn't take much or any more energy than pitchering. It's the seeds use up the energy as each one has to have a little...
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    akai ryu and seeds

    Only under ideal condition does Red Dragon look completely red, other times having clear green margins. There are other clones that look indifferential from Red Dragon at various times throughout the year. Someone with say a Royal Red and Green Dragon would be miffed if they bought or traded a...
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    CP newbie needs help w\ Sarracenia

    Moved to the nepenthes (tropical pitcher plant) forum...
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    CP newbie needs help w\ Nepenthes

    Moved to the nepenthes (tropical pitcher plant) forum...
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    Regen of Tarnok

    Snakeoil! Don't bother
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    hey any drug experts in here........im serious....

    It's easy to become dehydrated even if you don't feel it or think you've drunk enough, especially in your climate. I'd drink more and take a paracetamol or aspirin every day at 9am. Then stop in a week's time and see if you've still got a headache.
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    Regen of Tarnok

    I don't think sarracenia come back easily, or at all from the roots. But if you have a small piece of rhizome with a root, it will probably grow something eventually. You're probably talking 5 years until you get a decent sized plamt though. I'd throw away and start again personally.
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    LFS Bad?

    VFTs love sphagnum moss, but will probably die in dry sphagnum what with the lack of water and all    
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    Sarracenia for terrarium?

    Look up the climate in Alabama as a good indicator for winter conditions. I believe there are a fair few days in the 70s, but also some frosty nights.
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    Dormancy plan

    I say keep the leaves on as they'll get a boost as soon as spring arrives. Do you actually get decent pitchers on the leucophylla in a terrarium? This species needs maximum light to have any chance of growing well.
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    The long streak has come to an end

    I hope it doesn't end in tears for you two!
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    How does one get married in Las Vegas?

    One thing to say here: TACKY